Suspended Ceilings

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The advantage of suspended ceilings is in their ability to create an aesthetic interior finish while concealing and allowing access to all the services that make an interior space function practically including lighting and air-conditioning and if required optimising acoustics as well.

Exposed ceiling grids are ideal for offices, department stores and hospitals. The suspended ceiling system is the practical choice if you need to access the void area above the ceiling for anytime maintenance and service.

To fit a panel around a post, carefully measure across the opening to the post in both directions; sketch the opening and mark the post. Measure the diameter of the post. Mark the panel lightly where the post will go through it, then cut the panel in two exactly through the centre of the post, across the shorter dimension. Carve an opening for the post on the inside cut edge of each panel, forming two semicircular or rectangular cutouts. Cut only a little at a time, holding the cut sections up to the post frequently to fit them exactly. Set the two sections into place in the suspension grid.

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