Ceilings: Standard Ceilings
These are 6mm ceiling boards nailed or screwed into brandering, joined with a steel H-Strip joiner strip. Do not plaster 6mm ceiling board. The board is not manufactured to allow the for the extra layer of plaster required on the joints or to carry the weight of the plaster across the complete ceiling board.
Ceilings: Flush Plastered Ceilings
Flushed Plastered ceilings are ideal for a class finish to a residents. We do not compromise on quality of the board, and insist on installing a 9mm board, as the 6mm board is not manufactured to carry the weight of the plaster and tends to sag over time.
Status ceilings is well renowned for both the standard steel strip ceiling and our flush plastered ceiling. Should you get a better quote, speak to our representative to see if we can better the price!
Ceilings: Suspended Ceilings
Grid system is suspended/hung from a concrete slab, and used in offices due to the ease of access into the roof (to run various cables, and adaptable for change).

We offer a wide range of tiles, dependant on your unique requirements, from acoustic; insulated; dexterity etc. Feel free to discuss your requirements with our representative.
Ceilings: Isoboard Ceilings
Isoboard is made by polymerising styrene, which is produced by combining benzene and ethylene. The polystyrene thus produced is one of the thermoplastic materials sometimes called linear polymers. 
These are materials that soften on the application of heat and harden as they cool.
Ceilings: Knotty Pine Ceilings
Made popular in the 70's, and seem to be coming back into fashion, the wooden finish adds to a natural feel to our African roots.
Bulkheads: L Shaped Bulkheads
A box is created against the wall , dropping down from the original ceiling height. Can be used for down lights to highlight art on a wall, or to tie in two rooms with differing ceiling heights.
Bulkheads: U shaped Bulkheads
Creating a feature in the middle of the room or dividing two areas, a •U• shaped bulkhead would be installed. Often used to mirror a central work unit in a kitchen, or bar area. Ideal for the drawing attention to a unique light / chandelier.
Bulkheads Double Step Bulkheads
This bulkhead is built with two levels or steps. This design has the tendency for giving a room the feeling of height. It works well in areas where there are structural lintels that need to be hidden with an elegant solutions.
Bulkheads: Light Trough Bulkhead
A light trough is a gap created above the standard ceiling height in order to produce an superior effect on the area. Used to section or highlight areas in an open plan room, alternatively used to add a dramatic impression. Placing lights in the light trough on a different circuit to the main lighting will create a romantic, calming atmosphere.
Bulkheads: Barrels And Vaults
Extruding barrels are generally used to disguise or conceal air conditioning ducting or unsightly structural protrusions. With a barrel or vault ceiling there must be sufficient space between the roof void to house the •indentation•, alternatively the ceiling height will need to be dropped.