Decorative Ceilings


A ceiling cornice is typically a moulding that can be decorative or plain. It serves an aesthetic as well as a functional purpose in both residential and commercial buildings. It is typically a moulding that comes in uniform pieces that can be laid side by side on the joints of walls and ceilings. With the advent of modern technologies and modern materials, cornices have become more versatile providing both functional and aesthetic appeal.


It adds glamour to a room and dresses a ceiling in rich glory. Originating in the Middle East these popular architectural decorations were traditionally placed in the centre of the room and were used to obscure the fixings used to hang a light fitting. Ceiling roses add an additional element to a space and bring charm and elegance to a room.

Ceiling roses come in many different styles from the simple to decorative, to the ornate, with leaves and flowers. When choosing a ceiling rose, make sure you choose one in the size and in proportion to the room – a small size in a hallway and a much larger size in a main reception room.

Ceiling Detailing

When decorating rooms, and homes in general, people often take for granted the details that go into walls and ceilings. Walls and ceilings provide blank canvases to add unique aesthetics to different styles of architecture. Molding, trim, and wainscoting have been consistently used to do just that- make a space feel finished and pulled together. Below, we break down some new methods for making your walls and ceilings more interesting.

Drywall Niche

Drywall is a construction material consisting of thin panels of gypsum board. The board is composed of a layer of gypsum rock sandwiched between two layers of special paper. Drywall makes for a much more efficient method of construction than the common earlier technique of applying wet plaster to a gypsum lath.


A wall niche is kind of cubby hole carved into a stud wall, usually to house display shelving. ... It is simply a wooden box that you slip into a hole in the wall and then trim out. As a quick and easy storage project, it is a perfect accompaniment to our breakfast nook project

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