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Mainly used in office spaces or shops where its important to hide the concrete slab above, as well as maintain a useful space in between, Suspended or hung ceilings are the way to go. They are clean, simple design, very convenient and easy to Install. The reason for our suspended ceiling contractors is to make space for a lot unwanted things, like cables running through your shop or office, Air conditioning and heating ducts that would be an eye sore and take up a lot of space, geysers and lighting, and sometimes depending on the struct5ure can be used for storage. Definitely the most commonly used ceilings in office spaces and for good reason. If its practicality you want with a clean finis this is the way to go!

Grid system is suspended/hung from a concrete slab, and used in offices due to the ease of access into the roof (to run various cables, and adaptable for change).

We offer a wide range of tiles, dependant on your unique requirements, from acoustic; insulated; dexterity etc. Feel free to discuss your requirements with our representative.

Benefits of our ceiling contractors:

Typical Applications:

Our suspended ceiling contractors, grids are the ideal product for offices, factories,restaurant kitchens and shops because flexible access is usually required for services in the ceiling void.


A variety of suspension methods are available, but suspended ceilings are usually hung from a bracket fixed to the underside of the floor slab. Suspension wires or straps support a series of interlocking metal sections. These sections, called Main-T’s and Cross-T’s, form a grid into which the installer fits panels or ceiling tiles. We supply good quality galvanized grids that prevent rust and clip securely in place.  A professional ceiling installer will probably level the grid with a laser level. The installer will then square up the grid. Finally the ceiling tiles easily drop into place.

Use of Mineral fibre, metal, plasterboard, wood and laminates  are common in the manufacture of Ceiling Tiles. The tiles are often perforated to provide specific levels of acoustic absorption. Therefore they effectively control the noise reverberation in spaces below. Typically ceiling tiles are 600mm x 600mm or 600mm x 1200mm. It is vital that materials used in installation of ceilings comply with South African building standards therefore insuring the installation is safe and protects the owner from liability issues.

The selection of suspended ceiling contractors available may depend on:

Aesthetic considerations.
The requirement to incorporate fittings necessary for building services.
Requirements for acoustic attenuation and absorption.
Hygienic requirements.
The need to provide fire separation.
Moisture resistance
Corrosion resistance
Cleaning requirements.
Thermal insulation.
Tile thickness and size.

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