Bulkhead ceilings are an additional ceiling which protrudes from the main ceiling. They are often a box shape but can be domed, curved, rounded etc. They can have more than one level. Bulkheads are used to house down lighters, to highlight pictures on the wall, to hide ugly construction features and to join two ceilings of different heights.

Best choice for designing and building bulkheads and false soffits, which can now be built with a lower cost than with metal stud construction. Suspension System Components The bulkhead/soffit suspension system components are identical to the components used in flat surface areas. Notes necessary to ensure stability and structural performance during and after gypsum board attachment

Bulkhead ceiling is often installed for aesthetically pleasing reasons. A centre piece on your ceiling with added features can create a beautiful feature. Such as above your kitchen. Or above your lounge with a running down from it. The design opportunities are endless. There are an endless amount of bulkhead ceiling designs

Many reception areas have these type of bulkhead ceiling designs. But you don’t need to own a hotel or a business to have a ceiling like this. We cater for every need and budget and do many residential installations of this type of ceiling.

Bulkhead ceilings are installed in a similar way to the other plasterboard ceilings. They require 9mm/12mm rhinoboard and galvanized light steel material. Installation requires a bit more skill than ordinary gypsum ceilings or suspended ceilings. But the effect they can have is truly brilliant.

"L" Shaped Bulkheads

The "L” Shaped Bulkhead box is created against a wall, dropping down from the original ceiling height. It can be used to soften the flow between two rooms through different ceiling heights or for downlights to highlight features of an interior or decor features

"U" Shaped Bulkheads

The "U" Shaped Bulkhead is the perfect feature for dividing a room into 2 areas or to use in the middle of the room. It is ideal for drawing attention to a unique light or chandelier feature. The "U" shape is often used to mirror a central work unit in a kitchen or bar area.

Double Step Bulkheads

The Double Step Bulkhead is built with two levels or steps. This design is perfect for giving a room a feeling of height. The double step is the perfect solution for hiding structural lintels and making it aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Light Trough Bulkheads

A light through is a gap above the standard ceiling height in order to produce a superior effect on the are used to section or highlight areas in any open plan room, alternatively used to add a dramatic impression placing lights in the trough creating a relaxing environment

Barrels and vaults

Barrels are generally used to disguise air conditioning ducts or structural protrusions with a barrel or vaulted ceiling there must be sufficient space between the roof to house the indentation. Alternatively the ceiling height will be dropped


A domed ceiling is a vaulted ceiling detail circular in shape (hemispherical or semi-spherical). Dome ceilings add beauty to any home and may be found in entry ways (foyers), dining rooms, media rooms, powder rooms, above circular staircases, master bedrooms, master baths and studies.

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